What am I doing wrong?

Jun 24, 2016

Hello, can you help? In the slide attached, there are a series of 11 short audio clips that can be selected via left/right buttons. Whilst the audio plays the buttons are disabled until the clip completes. Everything works correctly on the right button. But, when you go left the action button doesn't react in the same way. Yet the triggers are set to do the same actions. I'd love to know what I've done wrong and how to fix it?

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Phil Mayor

Hi Andy 

I think this is a complicated way of doing something that could have easily been built using layers to control the audio.

I couldn't really test it because the audio has something odd going on, looks like you may have deleted all of the audio which seems to make my machine hang.

I think you need to add some conditions for the left and right button so that they cannot go below zero at the moment you can click left as many times as you want which will disrupt the logic, perhaps change left to disabled if left === 0

I think this would be better built as layers as it could be more easily be repurposed.

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