What happens to index_lms.html when publishing with TinCan?

Hi everyone,

As I understand, any LMS is looking for index_lms.html to launch a course. So after publishing with TinCan in Storyline, I did not see the index_lms.html. As I predicted when I was uploading the zip file the LMS, it showed an error, and I was assuming the LMS was looking for the index_lms.html. Is anyone can shed a light on this topic? Thank you in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Benny,

When publishing with Tin Can, the launch file you'd want to point to is the story.html file as described here.  If you can share a bit more about what the error message was, that may help us figure it out more. Additionally, have you tested uploading the course to SCORM Cloud? If that doesn't work either, please feel free to submit a Support case so that we can take a look. 

Benny Kurniawan

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for helping me out again. I tested the course in the SCORM Cloud, and apparently the SCORM Cloud is having issue with the TinCan API published from the Storyline. I was told it was the bug on their end, and they are working to fix it. I was told it was because of different versions (0.9 vs 0.95)

Anyway, I am trying to understand about the Launch URL in the TinCan, and private content authorization for mobile apps. Can you point me to any resources (for beginners) to get the whole picture of  the TinCan API? How is "Launch URL" fit in the big picture or what is actually "private content authorization for mobile apps"? I have been reading the white paper from the Articulate. But I am trying to piece together from beginning to the end on the TinCan API? Thanks in advance. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Benny,

Thanks for the update - you may want to check with your LMS to see if they're having a similar issue with the TinCan API, and if that is what is causing your original issue.

In regards to mapping out TinCan from beginning to end, that is certainly not my area of expertise. I know a number of our community members are familiar with TinCan, and hopefully they'll chime in. I'm glad you found the white paper (relinked here for anyone who comes across the thread). 

In case you need it, this tutorial describes how to set Storyline to publish for Tin Can API. 

There is  a great tutorial here on getting started with TinCan. 

Hope those help.