What is a scorm lesson in articulate

Hi ppl,

We are using an LMS which can handle only one lesson in a scorm (1.2) package.

In the scorm 1.2 packages there are some parameters which are concerned with 'lesson' i.e. cmi.core.lesson_status, or cmi.core.lesson_location. but i did not find a concept 'lesson ' in articulate.

When does storyline introduces a new 'lesson' in its generated scorm 1.2 package?


Thnx Frans

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Frans!

Are you having a particular issue when tracking your content? I'm not sure that I'm following the question.

You may want to review this post on troubleshooting common LMS issues, specifically testing your course at SCORM Cloud. If you're able to replicate the behavior there, can you share your .story file with us so that we can take a look? You can share it privately here if you prefer.