What is going on with video?

Our corporate network has a requirement that video files have a low data rate around 300 kbps. Our LMS folks also have a requirement that we keep the individual files in a package of learning to 15 MG or less.

So I'm doing some experimenting with different video encodings to see what will work best with SL.

I start off with two versions of the same video. They are both encoded as h.264 and save in mov format.

  • Small: 15,032 KB, data rate of 372 kbps
  • Bigger: 15,710 KB, data rate of  389 kpbs

Small has dimensions of 320 x 144 and bigger is 640 x 384 - I know those have different aspect ratios. I bring them both into SL and publish my project. They end up radically different.

  • Small: 7,965 KB, 192 kbps
  • Bigger: 17,218 KB, 423 kbps

So one got cut almost in half, the other grew by a fair amount. Any idea what is going on? Is there a way to 

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R Rothrock

Yes. They were in the same story file. So they both had the same compression through storyline.

So it looks like I should encode them as FLV with alpha channel to get SL to leave them alone -- as long as I'm not going to be delivering them via html5. I'll give that a try. Of course I don't have any actual transparency in this video....

Do you know which codec FLV with alpha channel would be?