What is wrong with Vietnamese?!?!

We have five training modules in Storyline translated into Vietnamese, the font used is Arial Unicode MS.

THE PROBLEM!  Prior to publishing the font looks fine, after publishing Vietnamese turns into gobbly gook.  I have tried every font I can find and non solve this problem, I have even reset my browser window to view these languages.

Also, inserting hyperlinks into the presentation results in unstable results, some work, some don't, they're all there, the highlighting will be 2 lines over, etc.

Please note.  4 modules translated into Vietnamese were completed in Presenter 09 and are working flawlessly, no font issues, no publishing issues, no link issues. 

I think something ended up missing in translation (pun intended) from Presenter 09 to Storyline.  What happened to the non-western font selection option? 

And finally, in storyline, when I select Arial Unicode MS for the Player font, it still messes the vietnamese characters up completely. 

I have also tried:



Courier New

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Maya,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with this. I was able to find the case you submitted for this issue (#00314381 for my reference - and thanks Graham!). I see that Cleo is working with you on the case and has requested an upload of your project files. I'll also follow the progress of this case, so I can update this thread.



Maya Speights

The solution to the Vietnamese character issue wasn't simple but did get us through our Vietnamese training modules. I am sharing the workaround for those who have Vietnamese translations/presentations in the future.

  • Use Arial Unicode text
  • Ensure Articulate is set for non-western fonts
    Publishing the Vietnamese modules in Storyline resulted in more garbled characters than Presenter 09 (I do not know why this was the case but the difference was significant)
  • When publishing in Presenter 09 and using Quizmaker elements ensure all of the players font options are set to Arial Unicode
  • After publishing 98% of your document will be correct.  Check the Presenter Player text closely. 
  • The most likely place you will find text errors will be in your Quizmaker elements, use the following steps to correct as necessary:
  1. Delete the characters which are illegible and replace using the INSERT SYMBOL function.
  2. Ensure your character set is still arial unicode, you will find all of the Vietnamese characters you require to recreate the words using a combination of letters and symbols.
  3. The most common offending characters are: á â é à ả ầ ạ and ỉ

This one's for you Articulate, am I missing something or is it really not possible to do a global find and replace in Storyline?  I've got to be missing something.  Right?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Maya,

First, thanks very much for sharing that information. I'm sure this will be a huge help to anyone that runs into the same issue.

I didn't think you could do this with the Find & Replace feature, but I think I may have proved myself wrong. In Story View, I was able to use this feature to replace all instances of a text entry. If you haven't used the feature before, you might want to take a quick look at this tutorial

Let me know if you have any questions Maya!



ihoii 333

Ok, here is solution for Vietnamese fonts in Articulate story line, the problem is mainly caused in Notes section even the font is set to Arial unicode. The font on slide works well.

I applied the same solution that I found some years back on Adobe framemaker for Vietnamese, convert unicode to VNI

For Vietnamese text with chop off text in Storyline, you need to convert the font to VNI type, you can use this - http://convert.holvn.org/ (open in chrome and translate to see menu button), Paste the unicode text and convert to VNI-WIN and paste that back to articulate story line and change to any VNI Font, I choose VNI-Korin, hola!! and publish, the text should just display fine 

Peggy Dolin-Brunel

Good afternoon everyone,

I have the same problem as described above: in Vietnamese some letters disappear and those are all letters with special symbols and/or letters that follow. I only have this problem in the glossary, for the rest of the training it is fine. The problem is visible only after publishing.

Firstly, I tried to replace those letters with symbols as advised by Maya. It didn't work for me.

Then, I tried to convert my text into VNI as advised by ihoii 333, but this website does not exist anymore and other similar sites are prohibited by my company or are all in Vietnamese without a possibility of decent translation (using Chrome).

The difference is that I am using Presenter 13 and not 9.

Could you advise me on how to solve this.

Many thanks,