WHAT? It's all gone!

I have been working on a Storyline project for 12 hours, saving my work as I go.  When I went to exit I hit the save button and it told me there was already a file with that name and it exited.

All my work except for the very first slide is gone ... all of it ... all 12 hours ... I am sitting here in stunned disbelief.

I reopened the Storyline application and I the file I was working on for 12 hours doesn't even appear in the "recent projects."

Somebody please tell me this has happened to them and tell me how you recovered all of your work!

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Steve Flowers

Hey Bruce - 

This doesn't sound good at all. I've been in this position and it's not a great feeling.

What's the file size of your story file? You might try sending the file to Articulate support to see if there's something hidden somewhere in the file. 

After having been bitten by similar situations several times over the past few years, I turned first to a version control system (SVN) and then to a synchronized drive. I work directly in a Dropbox synced folder when I'm doing any production work. This way, if something happens in my working file (or I decide I don't like the latest iteration) I can always roll back to a previous version. I swear by Dropbox, but there are plenty of others including Google Drive. Seriously a life saver. As a bonus, tools like this make it a breeze to distribute files, pitch work out for review, and collaborate with others through the synced space

Hope you are able to recover your work.

Bruce-Alan Barnard

Thanks Steve

I've been doing this since 2005 ... I really should know better.  I have paid the price to learn this lesson before, but I guess I just got a little too complacent.

I was working on a file that I kept in my Google Drive ... so I thought about the sync settings and I realized I had not synched to the cloud drive yet.  So I closed the drive application on my desktop and went to the drive via the browser ... and there was a version I had saved 15 minutes before the file crash.  I was able to pull it down and open it.  So I only have to duplicate 15 minutes.

Thanks for the suggestion ... that was a close one! 


P.S. I am now backing up the backed up backups.