What's the best way to randomly choose a question from two questions and have it report to an LMS?

Aug 17, 2015

I'm working on a project that has a large question bank 160 or so possible questions and we want to use the excel template to import them.

There will always be two possible questions. Each under it's own topic.

I also need to report the results to the LMS. What would be the best way to do this without needing 80 different question banks.

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Zsolt Olah

So, in Quizmaker is simple with groups and each group has a set of random # questions. In Storyline, if you have 80 topics with two question each I don't seem to find a way to group them within one bank.

I did something similar in the AllMythsMustDie example, technically, manipulating a question bank slides but it was JavaScript and not sure if the best method. I called JS on every slide and skipped some of the questions. Then I override the automatic LMS completion and manually set the pass/fail based on the questions actually shown.

David Glow

Just a thought- do a set of 10 or 20 questions that are linked together. So if you pull Option A for Question 1, you will pull option A for 1-20. If you pull B, you pull Option B for the first 20.

The neat thing is that if you need to randomize scenarios that have 7 steps, if you link the questions in the bank, it counts as one (set).

So, when you say "pull one from bank"- it pulls the set, not just one.


So, if you have 80 sets of A/B questions, you could set 4 or 8 banks and they just pull one (A or B) for each set, pulling a full set of 10 or 20.


Just a thought.

Kevin Thorn

Despite the development choice, your design appears to be defined. 80 sets of 2 questions each for a total of 160 questions. 

Since you have to build 160 questions defined by your design anyway, just group every other two into their own question bank. You'll have 80 banks and then randomize the two questions for each bank and link accordingly.

Or am I misunderstanding?

Adam Crespi

Hi All!

My question was the one Melissa was asking about, but I haven't found a good answer yet. Basically what I want to do is have 80 question banks, each with two questions, A and B. I want to randomize the order of the 80 banks in an exam, and then let the banks show question A or B for each one. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks,


Steve Flowers

Oh, that's a little different:) So there are a couple of ways I can think of to make that work... If I understand your challenge, this could get it:

  • Setup your 80 banks as blanks in a scene.
  • Import your questions into a temporary scene.
  • Copy and paste the questions in pairs from your import scene into your "2 question" banks.
  • Setup another scene with 80 slides that have no next button linkage. On each of the slides, add a trigger to go to the correlating bank 1 to 1, through 80 to 80 when the timeline starts.
  • Create another bank and copy your 80 slides into this bank.
  • Use a lightbox to pull from the 80 slide bank when you want to open a question. This will randomly select a slide, forward to the bank that's pulled, then randomly select a question.

Problem with this is you could easily pull the same question twice. You could deal with that problem in a couple of ways. 

Adam Crespi

This is proving to be tough using the 80 slides. I am having to custom craft Freeforms for each slide, and the JS is finnicky to show the layers. Some of this I am attributing to being a Storyline new guy, but it has been a frustrating day. Can we treat question banks as unique objects to call, and let the built-in randomizing of banks handle the questions?

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