What's the point of states if you can't scale objects properly?

Sep 05, 2023

This might be yet another bug of many, but why is it that I can't adjust an object and have it scale down or up with all objects inside the state scaling down or up accordingly. Instead, I get the one object the state is based on adjusting while the other objects sit at their normal size. Why does every single thing in Storyline require a time-consuming workaround? I'm always left puzzled.

EDIT: Also why can't I simply insert a thin line. Why is the smallest width of a line so thick??

EDIT: Tried a workout, but one object for some reason gets partially covered for absolutely zero reason. I put it at the front, and it makes no difference. It's not like it's being completely covered by the object it's supposed to be laid on top of, but it's being partially covered? More inexplicable and counter-intuitive elements brought to you by Articulate

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