What's up with quiz feedback flashing away?

Aug 09, 2022

So I have this course and I've used the built in questions but whenever an answer is selected and they click next it just flashes the feedback bit and immediately goes to the next page. I can't see any options about this and it does it with chrome and edge. My next step is going in and manually making some feedback pages but I can't be bothered because that's a bunch of variables so would rather not.


This is the object in question if anyone wants to see what I mean. Click through onto the first page then use the burger button at the bottom to skip to the quiz. Doesn't matter what answers you give.



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Walt Hamilton

I'm having trouble loading your file, but if you are using the built-in Feedback buttons, both Correct and Incorrect answers show a layer. Then when the learner clicks to continue, by default they jump to the next slide.

Otherwise, attach your .story (not published) file here, and someone can take a look at it.