What to do with an Org Chart?

Jan 15, 2014


Most players in the "eLearning" field have to pay the bills with "bread n butter"/ "low hanging fruit" compliance training at some stage.  Invariably, that training will usually require an Org Chart (organisational chart) of some description.  Of course the best approach is to have little photos of the participants or at least their names in the org chart - however I didn't either with this internal project.  

Attached is a simple (3) slide scene. 

Slide 1: is what I was given....typical

Slide 2: is my first approach...pretty standard

Slide 3: adds a little more interesting perspective view and I'll probably go with that for now.

Because SL doesn't have the "edit points" feature of Powerpoint, or CorelDraw etc

I drafted up the perspective view in PPT (attached also) and imported as a slide into SL (cut and paste was a huge fail). The little characters I rendered out in iClone5 and used the SL "format>recolored" to differentiate their positions. 

So far, I have resisted the urge to have the characters wave to the user on 'mouse over'....but if I get some time..

If you have any other ideas you would like to share  - please add your slide to this story files and repost.  I'm looking for inspiration



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Diana Myers

Hi Garry - I really like your 3rd slide - much more fun than just job titles on a page! 

What is the client's rationale for having a generic org chart in the training?  If I'm the learner, what am I expected to do with a list of the postions that report to one another on the chart, (especially as you point out, one without any names)? 

If I'm supposed to know when or why I would contact someone in that position, you could use layers (similar to those Rebecca used) or light boxes to include a brief description of that role/position and explain how certain positions interact wth one another.  For example:

The Pipeline Superintendent manages the project activity of the E&I Pipeline Techs as well as the Mech Pipeline Techs.  The Pipeline Superintendent also monitors monthly performance and provides monthly activity report summaries to the Operations Mangers group.

Each Pipeline Tech - Mech is responsible for X, Y and Z.  Pipeline Tech - Mechs often work with the Pipeline Engineer to determine the cost of annual maintenance contract renewals.  Contact a Pipleline Tech - Mech prior to completing ABC, or in the event U, V or W occurs.

Hope this helps, and thanks for sharing the fun things you can do with iClone.

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