What to do with no LMS?

Mar 23, 2015

I was wondering if anyone has experience and recommendations for working in learning environments without an LMS.

- a company with 500-800 employees

- some eLearning, some classroom, some certification requirements

I wanted to hear what small companies do? How is learner info/history stored and tracked? There must be tools out there beyond resorting to Excel. Perhaps there are LMS accounts that can be purchased for small companies... a sharing setup with other small companies? Best practices to minimize the administration would be great!

Thanks everyone.

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Ricky Nox

I think that you should really use an LMS ! It is easier than waste time to find solutions to not use one !

Some LMS are free (moodle, dokeos...) other can be rent (articulate online for instance). Depending where you are from you can probably find LMS adapted to your needs. 

The main advantages of LMS are the tracking, the control of Who, What and When courses are viewed and is the training goal achieved especially  the test results, and measure the use of your course.

Without LMS, it is like putting a bottle in the sea and hope someone will find it.

Of course you need some admnistration tasks like create users account, but without LMS how to distribute courses, how to follow learners ? 

That is my point of view.

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