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Nov 23, 2017

I have this on a bunch of pages but on one its dodgy. The jist is its a maths object and if you get the question wrong you can go to a layer with a video explaining the question but on this page the video is displaying all stretched. Ive tried resizing it, moving it, cutting it out and putting it back, everything I can think of except deleting and reinserting but only because I cant find the original file.

^in design mode

^in display mode


Anyone had videos do this? and if so how did you fix it?

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Bruce French

Here's the story file. I can't see any options like that. It only seems to affect the Simplify, expand solve pages (1.17/1.14/1.18/1.19). If you look on the layer design page it seems fine but when you preview or publish it stretches. You have to enter a wrong answer to see the link to the explanation layer where the issue presents. The other pages all seem to be fine and they all came from the same master so I'm not sure whey these are are effected while the others aren't.

Thanks for having a look.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bruce!

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with this. Thanks for sharing the file.

I do see a similar issue reported for SL3, which is what I assume you are using. The issue does not seem to occur in SL360.

Seems to only affect the preview though. Does the issue still happen once you publish the course?

I do love those explanations though with the voiceover. Nice touch!

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