When the user right clicks

Oct 09, 2015


Im trying to add the feature "when user right clicks" when Ive added a trigger but it won't work, it works on the others "user double click' but not right click, please advise thanks again.

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Brian E.W. McNulty


Hi Deb,

I just completed a course for "Computer Basics" using the mouse and right-click and had the same issues. It worked fine on my machine, which always seems to be the case, but the other two developers could not use the function. When it was loaded on our LMS it worked fine. So, the conclusion was that Flash Player was keeping the "right-click" function from working because of its settings. Adjust the settings on the Global Security Settings panel.  A good link to understand how Flash Player works and its settings is found in the link above.

I unfortunately just re-imaged my machine yesterday and still have not reloaded AS or Flash Player on to my computer or I would give you the exact steps to fix the problem. I hope this helps.

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