Where are the new Characters?

Dec 09, 2022

I received an email 3 days ago from Articulate 360 and it mentioned:

Versatile new characters. Bring your learning to life with three new character sets reflecting today’s work environments—traditional, hybrid, and remote.

How do I access these? I do not see them in my Storyline file.



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Kelly Auner

Hi Norma, and thanks for reaching out!

We've added three new photogenic characters - Sarah, Thomas, and Aliyah. Each character is available in 3 clothing styles—business casual, casual, and corporate.

To access these new characters in Storyline 360:

  1. Select Characters on the top ribbon
  2. Under Style, select Photogenic

Windows 10 2022-12-12 at 9.16.06 AM

If you don't see these characters or have additional questions, please let me know! We'll be happy to assist you here or privately in a support case.

Luciana Piazza

Hi Linda, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes Community! 😊

In order to use these characters within Rise 360 as an image, you would need to download the image to your computer and then insert the image separately. I downloaded this character as a PNG file. 

Here are the steps to export a character from Storyline 360:

1. Right-click on the character you would like to export.

2. select Export PoseSave as Picture.

3. From there, the Save as Picture window will appear. Name your image and make sure you have the file type as PNG. Then, select the Save button. 

Here is a sample file: https://articulate.fyi/3WSIsab

I wanted to be sure you know that real life characters are exported as a PNG files and animated characters are exported as EMF files from Storyline 360. You will be able to export real life characters from Storyline 360 and import them into Rise 360, but this functionality is not available for EMF files. 

I hope this helps!