Where do results from a survey go when you publish to an LMS?

Mar 07, 2014

We have a survey we'd like to include at the end of a course.  I know that I can have my LMS report it as Complete when they do the survey, but where do the information they entered into the survey go when they're done?  Can my LMS capture that?  We've never tried anything like this before (just use surveygizmo for surveys) and I figured if we could build it in to the training that would eliminate the need for a separate, external link for a survey.

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David Charney


It does depend on the LMS. While using something like SCORM helps with compliance, some learning management systems don't store all fields and, as Phil mentioned, responses don't always get captured, depending on the setup. The LMS may save the data but not provide a report to easily see it.

As a test, create your survey slides and make sure you add a results slide to your survey at the end.

You can output your module and import it into SCORM Cloud to see where the data stores. For instance, if it is a SCORM 1.2 compliant course, launch the survey, answer the questions, and then close it. When it goes back to the SCORM Cloud launch screen for this module, click View Registration State. Expand the window and you will see response data such as cmi.interactions.0.learner_response, cmi.interactions.1.learner_response, etc. See if the responses it stores is what you need back. This may interfere with other assessment information, but I hope you can get back the data you need from your learners!

A little more info on SCORM Cloud: http://illumengroup.com/testing-scorm-compliant-modules/

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