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Hi Nancy - 

Your custom templates will be in the same location in Parallels as they are in Windows: 

\Documents\My Articulate Projects\Storyline Templates

You can test this out by creating a quick project and saving as a .storytemplate project. It doesn't matter where you save your file because Storyline will automatically place a copy of the file in our Storyline Templates folder.

Here's some helpful info on creating and managing custom templates: https://community.articulate.com/series/74/articles/articulate-storyline-360-user-guide-how-to-use-custom-slide-templates#create

Nancy P. Hemenway

Maybe I'm just dense but there is no structure (as the one above).  If I were on a windows computer I wouldn't need to ask but the Mac environment is new to me and it seems I can never put files where I want them to sit.

I've downloaded a couple of templates but they are not available from within storyline.