Which LMS provides reliable SCORM reporting?

Hello all,

Here's my issue: I've been building courses and quizzes in Storyline 360, converting them to SCORM 2004, 4th Edition, then they are uploaded to Litmos LMS. That last part is where the trouble begins.

For the last year, I have been wrestling with Litmos over inaccurate reporting (user passed but no score reported, etc.). They have always told me the problem was with my Scorm file. Today, after 30 minutes on the phone with our account rep, he told me he has other clients in the same industry, and because the reporting is so critical to them, they have converted their quizzes to the built in Litmos assessments.

That can't be the solution!  Can any of you tell me what LMS you use, what their support for Scorm files is like, and how reliable is the reporting?



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Kevin Hayes

I'd suggest uploading one of the SCORM packages on Scorm Cloud (https://cloud.scorm.com/sc/guest/SignInForm) and testing it there.  If it tracks and reports their as you expect then your LMS vendor vendor needs to explain why it isn't working on their LMS.

I've used numerous LMS vendors previously and I have to admit that whilst all have some reporting quirks but reporting a QUIZ score is pretty much a minimal requirement and it's remarkable if Litmos can't deliver to that.


Regina Stephens

Thank you both! I have actually tested my files at ScormCloud; they are fine.

The results are inconsistent among users taking the same course and modules ... some report fine, others give me "No data interaction available). The course has 6 modules, and results vary among the modules. 

I have 165 unique users of 600 who have at least one 0 score, but "completed" status.  Some people have more than one of these 0 scores, and a few have all 0s. 

Litmos goes back and forth from "Scorm issue" and "user fault. But what could they be doing to wipe out their history.  Litmos tells me they don't have anyone that know Scorm very well. 

Can you tell me which LMS you use?



Nicholas Soldatenko

Regina, if Litmos is not reporting accurately, you can try saving the data to the data cloud instead. Use this widget: https://cluelabs.com/data-cloud-elearning-widget.html You can still run the courses from the LMS if needed, just use the data cloud to keep track of the scores and other metrics.

Kevin Hayes

I haven't used Litmos tbh but something genuinely does not seem right here. 

Litmos is supported by SAP and they do indeed have considerable global SCORM expertise.

The solution proposed by Nicholas might provide you what you need.

If it was me I'd escalate within SAP/Litmos till I reached someone who has the expertise and the notion to help out.

That being said there are plenty of other cloud based LMS vendors who I am sure would be delighted to take your business.  I'm engaged within the public sector so I'm sorry but I genuinely can't provide a particular recommendation.  

Krystal Tolani

Hi Regina,

Krystal from GoSkills here.

The GoSkills LMS supports SCORM files as well as formats like xAPI, AICC, and CMI5. With the enterprise upgrade, you can upload an unlimited number of courses, and will also get a dedicated account manager who can help you troubleshoot any issues you may have.

GoSkills is used by over 1000 companies, including insurance and finance companies that require accurate reporting for accreditation. The system can track external credits, as well as reports for completed courses, scores, time spent learning, classroom course attendance, and more. 

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out our platform here.

We’d be happy to give you a free demo where you can upload a SCORM course and check out our reporting features for yourself. 

Hope this helps!