Which Results Variables Belong to Which Questions?

Hi, Community. I'm wondering if there is an easy way to tell which result variables belong to which quiz questions (not in a question bank). 

I'm taking over a previously created story file with content slides and questions/reviews. There are several variables (Results5.PassPercent, Results12.ScorePrecent, etc.), but I'm not sure to which Questions those variables belong. The Review slides have no variables being displayed (i.e. text box with %Results.ScorePercent%)

Slides have been copied and pasted so many times between different files it is hard to track what has happened.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks for any tips/advice.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jeremy, and welcome to the community! These variables are associated with the results slides, not the questions. Each results slide that is added gets variables automatically set up. The first will have no number (ie Results.PassPercent, Results.ScorePercent) and each slide added after will add a number into the name of the variable. Hope that helps! :)