White Box Appears on Hover - No State

Hi, I wonder whether someone could help? 

My text boxes do not have any hover states at all, yet if I hover over the boxes a white box appears over the top of the text. This has been pointed out by our in-market reviewer which I solved by copying and re-pasting and formatting the text, but I am now finding it sporadically across the course. The issue only occurs in preview mode or when it is published. 

Does any body know what could be causing this issue and any potential quick fixes? 


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Jack Dickinson

Hi Joshua, 

Thanks for your reply and offering to take look. I've asked my boss to take a look and he is getting the same issue, although the boxes appear black for him and white for me, which has confused us even more. In the version we've published they are black and we've had to replace the text with lorum ipsum because the content is for a specific audience behind security measures. 


Jack Dickinson

I've just found on older discussion on this issue which seems to have answered my question about why it happens. https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/highlight-appearing-around-text-unexpectedly-on-roll-over 

If anyone has any ideas of the quickest way of how to fix the issue, please let me know :)