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Feb 03, 2014


I've come across a bit of an issue when doing my course. I want to be able to have a entrance animation for 2 text boxes, but one of the text boxes is inside the other one. Basically what is happening is I have a built in hover state on a word inside a paragraph, but I could only do this by separating that word into another text box.

This all works perfectly but the only little issue is I have a entrance animation for the text boxes, which is to slide in from the left. Pretty simple, but what happens is the word that I have in a separate text box, that looks apart of the paragraph, comes in at its own pace due to the size of its text box. I attempted to fix this by increasing the size of the text box, but I forgot that I have a hover state over it and the hover action then gets spread across the paragraph instead of being isolated as the one word.

Is there any way to get these two text boxes to come in so that the word in the separate text box doesn't look like its floating in by itself?

Thanks in advance.

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Ros McNamee

Dennis Hall said:

Hi Ros:

Remove the individual animations.

Group them, then animate the group.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Ok I tried that and it worked for the animation, but what has happened is that the main paragraph has inherited the hover state, so whenever I hover over the paragraph, the hover state of the one word text box gets activated instead of being isolated to the one word.

Ros McNamee

Have to reiterate that GROUPING the objects is not a solution to this issue. The animation works alright, but that's half the problem. The reason why I separated the text into a separate text box in the first place was so that I could add states onto the word individually. When grouped together, objects tend to inherit the triggers of the objects they're grouped with. So when I HOVER over the paragraph anywhere now, not just the text box with the one word, the trigger gets triggered.

Is there a way around this? Should this be in an update or what?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ros,

Are you able to share your project's .STORY file here? Maybe we could take a look and provide some other suggestions that may help. 

Just keep in mind that if the file's too large, it may not upload to the thread. If that's the case, you can import the slide with your animations into a new project file and share that here. 

I'm sure there's a way we can get this working - it may just help to see how you have this set up.


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