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Sabrina Martorelli

Still there. It's so strange.

Take a look to the attached image please. When you give an enter in the last sentence the error appear (white screen) and its no way to get  rid of it.
I attached the example (.story file)

Do you have any idea?

Thank you very much!!

Ankit prajesh


Sabrina Martorelli

Follow these Step First then please tell me any problems was there or not.

if  any problems was there share . i will to help.


step 1:-

First of you open the project or file in Articulate storyline.

without any change you try to publish the file.after closing the window of publishing.

Step 2:-

After doing the First step add the content what really you want to add in it.

i hope everything will be fine.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sabrina, 

It sounds like Ankit is assisting you - but did you look into the elements that I mentioned in that thread Wendy linked to? That red X is typically indicating some element of corruption either in the file itself or an image element added to the file. You'll want to go through the steps below:

Sorry to hear about the behavior with your file - first, I'd  try importing your Storyline Project into a new file to see if this helps to clear up any persistent corruption. You'll also want to confirm that you're working with local project files as described here. 

Sabrina Martorelli

Hi everybody

Yes, I already fixed the problem .
I was trying to figure it out why I had that problem in the first place.
I'm working in a big course and I just want to take care of everithing and not make the same mistakes if what happened was something that I did in a inappropriate way.

Thank you very much to everybody for the help

dennis chege

Hello Crystal ,i thought the issue is gone after doing alot of rework but it is here again on all tabs.Am getting white screen on scorm cloud output on all the tabs.This has to be a bug because on the base layer i have no scroll panel which seems to be showing with no text.I only have images with triggers to the layers with the broken text.If anyone has a solution am open to try it out.

Crystal Horn

Hi Dennis.  Darn, I was hoping that the issue had been resolved... seemed hopeful over here.  We'd be happy to help you troubleshoot your file.  Let's get you hooked up with our technical support engineers; they'll work with you directly and you can share your file privately with them using the upload field on the case form if you'd like.  If you want to share your case number here, as well, we can follow along and update the community on the solution.