"White Template" Box has moved in Slide View

When viewing the slide, the  "white" box is a standard part of the slide which lets the user know exactly how large the slide is and where to fit all of the slide contents.  However, I have somehow moved this white box and as you can see, is not in the appropriate location on the slide template.

Again, this is not a white box I have created, but the white box that appears on each new slide. 

I cannot figure out how to move it so that the box appears in the proper location.  I have tried opening a new project and this still does not change the location of the white box.

I have attached an image to ilustrate.

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Diane Elkins

Are you working over a network?  I just experienced this in a Storyline class I was teaching.  One of the students couldn't bring a laptop, so she used one of the desktop computers in the classroom and logged in to her office computer via Citrix.  She had this same problem.  (The software worked fine when she was working at her desk as normal.)