Wholesale change on Number of Attempts

Hoping someone knows a shortcut.  Multiple SL3 modules have been built for an online curriculum.  Between the modules, there are about 100 knowledge-check style questions (graded questions).  After building them all out, the decision of number-of-attempts per-question was revisited, so now all the questions need to be changed to allow 2 attempts instead of 1, which also means formatting the "Try Again" layer.  I can use the Feedback Master for the formatting, but I can't find a way to change all the questions from 1 to 2 attempts: each question with a slide has to be individually visited and edited.  Is there a faster way, maybe at the Question-Bank level?  Thanks in advance!

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Chris, 

Sorry you've run into this frustration. I've encountered situations myself where you have to do a tedious task with a lot of clicking over and over again to fix or change something course-wide. So I feel your pain! You're going to have to change the attempts for each question one at a time. However, it may indeed be quicker to do it in a question bank. If you move all the questions into a question bank, they will all be listed in a nice neat list with all the attempts displayed. Here's an image of how that looks:

You still have to go into each "Attempts" for each question but at least here it's all in one place instead of having to click into each slide and go to Form View for each one. 

Hope this helps!