Why can't I move the mouse?

Jul 01, 2016

I'm trying to adjust the mouse on a few of my screens and I'm having a problem with just a few of them. In most cases, I can move the cursor to the spot I want; but in a couple of instances, the cursor won't move at all. Any idea why Storyline will allow me to adjust it on some screens and not on others?


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Deborah Kaplan

Hello Emily,

I just tried to attach a file and I keep getting a message that it is bigger than the server allows. The system says to put the file in a common place and send a link but I do not know of a common place. I then tried sending just one slide and still got that message. Any ideas?


Emily Ruby

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for sharing the file. So these are mouse cursors that have been added automatically when inserting the screen recordings. It appears that the ones that do not have an actual Click within the slide can only be edited through the Format tab when you select the mouse cursor.

If you wanted to make additional changes that are not in the format tab, I would just delete the mouse cursor, and then add one in under the insert tab. This should give you the ability to select the mouse itself and make changes.

Let me know if you need anything further!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Annemarie,

If some slides work and others don't - those would be the items we'll want to take a look at. You can always send us the file privately here. 

Are you unable to select the mouse cursor in the bottom timeline to delete it? Using either to "delete" key on your keyboard or right clicking to delete it? If the behavior is inconsistent across the board, you'll also want to confirm you're working on local project files as described here and that you're using the latest update (I'd always recommend working on that as it resolves bugs or other general fixes for better performance). 

Lastly you could look at re-recording elements or re-inserting existing records and choosing the options to not insert the mouse cursor. 

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