Why did Font type and size still change and become very messy on some slides even after saving?

Feb 02, 2021


I am working on a few lesson modules (different 36o files saved in one folder) recently, realized font type and size cannot be saved on some slides, and formatting is very messy. If I saved today and opened up tomorrow, some pages have this kind of very annoying issue. It happened for a week and it never happened before and it didn't happen to my other 360 files saved in other folders at this moment.

These lesson modules in 360 are actually based on other's work and I needed to change the template. So, I am not sure if that matters, but if I saved the file and it didn't work, why it showed a few messy slides while some other slides can be saved as what I wanted? Very strange to me.

Anyone had the same issue?



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Phoebe Lu

Hello David,

I think I figured out what happened. In the text setting, "wrap text in shape" was not checked as default. So, I checked the box. I compared those messy slides with the normal slides, figuring out this is the only difference. I think this may be the reason. :-)

Hope it could give others some hint in the future if they encounter the same issue. :-) It never happened to my projects until recently I took over these files and needed to change the templates.