Why do the Articulate employees in the forums often recommend that users create feature requests?

Aug 11, 2015

I think we all appreciate the timely and friendly forums here, but it would seem to be more proactive and better customer service for these employees to respond with "I've added that feature to the feature request list for you". 

And if that isn't possible, it does look like other people have had troubles finding the page to do that, so maybe you could add it to the main menu under the "Discuss" menu item.

Also, the "Post in" required field does not offer a way to Post in under the topic of "Articulate website", which is the type of feature this would be.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff! I'd have to agree with Walt here :) These requests go to our product development team and volume speaks! This puts the power in the customers hands, not that it's just been 'added to a list'. Just as Walt mentioned you can explain your need and why you would like something implemented. That being said, we do notice common requests in the threads and become champions for you when the time arises :)

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