Why does autosave not seem to work??

Sep 16, 2021

I'm writing this with a heavy heart, as I just lost a whole day's work. I have a storyline 360 file, saved locally on the C drive, with only two scenes. I had an issue where all the filenames and button text disappeared, which I think was caused by Zoom. Because I was in the middle of an important meeting I had no choice but to restart, thinking that at least the file was autosaved ever 10 minutes. But upon startup I discovered that there's literally nothing saved. Nothing in the temp folder, no prompt that there are unsaved changes. Why wouldn't Storyline save it? What's the point of Autosave if it doesn't work? Feeling very frustrated...

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Ren Gomez

Hi Cleona,

I appreciate you reaching out, and I'm sorry you lost so much work! I'm sure it hasn't been easy re-creating your project. To help provide some understanding, the AutoRecovery setting in Storyline is not an auto-save feature. Here are the details:

Storyline will automatically save a copy of your project at the specified interval (after you’ve saved it at least once). The default interval is every 10 minutes, but you can enter any whole number between 1 and 120. If Storyline closes unexpectedly, you’ll be prompted to recover your project the next time you open it.

To shed more light on that last portion, this feature will return you to an earlier version of your course if your Storyline program crashes, but it won't consistently save and have that copy accessible to you if the software freezes or you closed Storyline by accident.

Storyline 360: Setting Storyline Options

I hope that helps!

Cleona Wallace

Hi Ren, Thanks for your message. Yes, the loss of the work has been pretty disastrous, particularly as I had done a lot of editing in the storyline file from the content document I was provided by the subject matter expert, and now I am confused whether I have caught everything!

So my file had been saved, and was set to autosave every ten minutes. Previously when crashes occurred it has definitely had unsaved changes and then prompted me to save them, but this time there was nothing, nor any temp file. It just seems this is a rather erratic feature of storyline, but one that's quite important to get right. It should be that if you set to autosave, then if you crash, you can consistently return to the last autosaved point, surely?

David Schwartz

Hi Cleona,

For the future, you might consider saving dated versions. I typically save projects I'm working on with new names daily, e.g., Extravasation_20210917.story, etc. I know it takes up a lot more space, but I keep the interim versions until the project is done. 

Another thing is to have an automatic backup like Cobian Backup, which is free. I have it backing up new and changed files from my documents folder to an SD card every two hours. Again, takes space, but it's saved me a few times.