Why does image quality degrade so much after an image is imported into Storyline?

Mar 29, 2021

I'm curious if there's a setting I've missed or whether or not I'm doing something incorrectly.

Attached is a side-by-side example - the image on the right is the post-production, compressed png in its final form.

The image on the left is the same exact image after it was imported into Storyline.

This has been a consistent result I've encountered regardless of the image type.

What gives?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Allen,

Thanks for following up on this! Our support team can be reached anytime by submitting a case at articulatecase.com. You mentioned you created a ticket, but unfortunately, I'm not spotting any cases under the email address associated with your Articulate ID!

I'll go ahead and get one started for you so we can take a look at your original image for testing. You should expect an email with an upload link to show up in your inbox. 

We've recently addressed some issues with image discoloration, so connecting with our team is the best way forward at this point!