Why does the Storyline application display so small?

Oct 01, 2014

Hi I just downloaded the trial version yesterday, When I open Storyline everything that displays in the window is so small - icons, fonts, menus etc. I've tried changing the resolution on my laptop and my second monitor but it doesn't change. Is there a way to make it larger.



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Christa Cole

Thanks Ashley, I'm not in a Mac VMWare environment. I use a Dell laptop with extended monitor. By changing the resolution, like I said, it doesn't change my Storyline settings, but every other application I use on the screen is massive.

We are budgeted to update next year but is there something to change it for the remaining months this year?

Thanks, Christa

Jack Schofield

The issue is with the high pixel density on new monitors compared to older ones.  If you can get you hands on an older external monitor (five years or so) or if you have one.  In W10> display settings > you can change the scaling on just that monitor. But if its a newer high pixel density monitor you will have the same issue unfortunately. 

Liz Mathieu

What is concerning to me is that this issue has been reported for well over a year and there has been no headway made for using with high pixel density on monitors. I do not have access to older monitors or laptops and this is a big issue. Not only are the menu fonts small in Storyline but so are any of the fonts on any slides that are created in the story boards. It is very frustrating that I can't improve upon this. I wear glasses as it is and there is really no way to look at this stuff without straining my eyes. I'm sure that Articulate needs to produce software that is ADA compliant and I don't see how this fits that bill.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liz, 

I know it's been an issue that has plagued us for some time. Our team took a lot of time to evaluate how to change this, and it's not a fix we were able to implement in Storyline 2 but we changed our approach to it in Storyline 3 and Storyline 360. (Simon provided a deep dive into the why and our plans here)

A bunch of users have reported it's a much better experience in the latest versions, but I know that there is still room for improvement. It's an area our team is continuing to work on, and as we have more information to share I promise we'll post here. 

Felipe Villegas

Hello. Any updates? Just purchased a new PC only because Storyline is not available for Mac. Changing the resolution did nothing for me. This is a big disappointment. The application is essentially useless on new devices with high res. I can't believe this hasn't yet been addressed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Felipe, 

I'm sorry to disappoint you, and I'm not sure if you saw my response just prior to your post but this is not something we're able to fix in Storyline 2 at this time. More details on why and our plans going forward are here. 

If you have recently purchased Storyline 2, or would like to talk further about your options with our Sales team - they're happy to assist. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Gary.  It sounds like you're using Storyline 2 on a Surface Pro with high resolution.  Simon provided some information about our current position on using Storyline 2 with high resolution displays here, and he specifically mentions:

After extensive evaluation, we’ve determined that the engineering effort and risk required to re-implement the feature in Storyline 2 as an Update is simply too great at this time. In reaching this decision, we’ve been particularly mindful of the need to prioritize this feature amongst other upcoming bug fixes and other issues that we’d like to address through the Storyline 2 Update program. We’ve also considered the availability of viable workarounds for this issue – such as changing display resolution when using Storyline, or using Storyline on a standard density display as part of a multi-monitor setup.

We don't have immediate plans to update Storyline 2 for high resolution setups, but if you need to work with our support team to determine if we can find a setting that works for you, we're happy to try to help.

Just a heads up: Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 should provide a great user experience on higher resolution machines, so if you're seeing problems with those products, please let us know!

Kyle Buckel

Hi Crystal,

The unusably small display size is still an issue with SL3 on my Win10 Lenovo P50s. The display size is one of the many issues in SL3 that I have learned to work around on a daily basis. The best solution so far has been using an old monitor that was literally going to the recycler and using it solely for working in SL3. It is not ideal, as there are some other weird display quirks, but it works well enough. 

I have attached a screenshot of SL3 open on my main display with a PowerPoint window open as well for comparative purposes. My browser window is set to display at 100% size as well, nothing was manipulated. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Kyle.  Thanks for sharing that screenshot.  It definitely doesn't look the way I'd expect.  Can you share a couple of details with me?

  • Let me know the display setting you're using here (%):

  • Also, what is your actual screen resolution?

I'll have my team look at that information so we can figure out what's happening on your end.

Kyle Buckel


I tried adjusting the display settings multiple times based on recommendations in this thread and other Articulate support threads. Doing so obviously results in changes to the way other programs and applications display, and I cannot sacrifice optimal display of all other applications in order to make SL3 useable on my main display. The Adobe product suite also has issues with high pixel density screens and my current settings are what I have to use in order to get everything else to play nicely. 

The attached screenshot contains the requested information. Thanks for looking into this!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kyle,

Adobe requires you to work at 200% to have things work normally? With Storyline 3 and 360 we did make changes to allow it to work better with high resolution monitors, but at 200% display it may still make things appear quite tiny as you showed. Could you look at meeting somewhere in the middle to see how they both work at 125% or 150? 

Kyle Buckel


200% is the recommended display size according to the display menu and is the setting I must use for all apps and programs to display at a comfortable size (other than SL3). I am guessing this is due to the high pixel density of the display. If I set it to 100%, all programs/applications display at an unusually small size - see attached screenshot of 100% size. However, they are comparable in size to SL3 at that point - just all too small! I have tried all of the available display sizes. SL3 doesn't respond to changing the "zoom" in or out - it stays small no matter what. 

I can get SL3 to display at a more useable size by lowering the display resolution of my main display from the native 2880x1620. However, I don't feel it is right to have to dial down the performance of my hardware and lose out on its capabilities with all other software (High res display is very useful for Photoshop, InDesign, Premier, etc.) in order to run SL3 at a useable size.

In my earlier posts in this thread, I was still using SL2. I understand that SL2 was designed back when screens were lower res and that SL3 was supposed to take care of the display issue. For now, using the second display with the lower native resolution is working out when I am in the office. However, when I am offsite and need to work in SL3, I'm stuck.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for clarifying what you've tried so far and what you'd like to see updated and changed going forward. We did make some improvements for Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 to resolve the issues with the high resolution monitors, but we know it didn't fix everything - so our team is continuing to look into additional improvements. 

I'll share your example with them and we'll keep folks posted here with any changes on that. I don't have an ETA to share on this right now, but as soon as we do have additional information we'll let folks know here in ELH. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tara, 

That can happen when you've added a lot of slides within a scene and Storyline is trying to display them all. Often when there are no triggers to jump to other slides or a lot of branching triggers so Storyline is trying to display the overall structure of your course. Does that sound like your set up? 

Russell Healy

Hi Tara,

I am creating an online course that will be used hopefully by students and teachers across different platforms on different devices from laptops to Digital whiteboards in classrooms.

I am using rise 360 to create the lessons and inserting storyline interactive parts. Is there an option that when they click into these areas that the storyline sections can fill the screen no matter what the resolution is. This would be very helpful.

At the moment they just play in a small window in the centre of the screen when I would like it to enlarge for the interactive and then reduce back to normal when complete.

Any help would be fantastic.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Russell and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you'd like to create with your Rise 360 courses that include Storyline blocks.

On desktops, Storyline blocks will display within the Rise frame.  On mobile, however, Storyline blocks will open full screen to make sure your learners get the best experience.

You do have the option to set the size of the Storyline block to Small, Medium, or Full Width:

We are tracking a feature request for a full-screen option, so I'd added this conversation to our report. I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful.