Why is the functional part of the Modern player so very small?

Jul 24, 2020


I'm using the modern player but i'm finding no matter what screen its viewed on there is a whole lot of wasted black border space round the outside of the  screen . Is there a way to maximise this? Is there some settings that I'm missing? Its frustrating to have a large amount of wasted screen and a tiny part that is relevant to the learner just in a very small central area.

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Lon Goldstein

Hello, I am facing the same question from a client who wonders why there has to be so much wasted space around the actual learning content. As you can see from the attached files I have removed all extra controls except for the menu… Which we need. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you very much.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Lon.

Thank you for reaching out!

Take a look at this article that describes which elements add to the overall size of the Modern Player:

On desktop computers, the player adds up to 260 pixels to the width and up to 118 pixels to the height, depending on the player features you select.