Wierd icon over video that wont play

Mar 08, 2013

I have a weird icon over an AVI video that will not play online on an ipad or desktop.

It plays locally after i publish.

I can see the first frame of the video on an ipad.

it will not play on a trigger, automatically or with player controls.

On the desktop the video does now show up just the player controls.

The icon i see on an ipad shows a circle with a line threw it with a rotated triangle in teh middle.

Im guessing the video is bad. But it was created the same way others have been created that have worked fine.

I export an AVI out of flash.

Anyone have similar issues? Any work arounds?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Josh,

Since the video is playing locally, but not after being uploaded and viewed on the PC or iPad, it may be an issue with the host. Are you uploading the course to an LMS or web server? 

Have you tried using a different format?

Are you able to share the .STORY file here, or send it over to our support team privately?


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