Will Storyline work on smartphones? Best practices/tutorials?

Oct 02, 2012


If possible, we need to modify existing Storyline modules (and create new ones) specifically for viewing on Smartphones. Are there particular settings for this in Storyline? Also, does any know of good tutorials around designing Storyline for smartphones?

Thanks! Dave

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Peter Anderson

Hey Dave, 

Though we don't currently support Android as Justin mentioned, Storyline does allow you to publish content to Flash, HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad. 

To learn more about publishing Storyline content for HTML5 and the iPad app, click here:


The next version of the Articulate Studio products will also publish to HTML5 and run on iOS devices. Although we can't confirm the release date of future products and upgrades, you can stay informed by subscribing to the Articulate Word of Mouth Blog here:


Let us know if you any other questions about publishing Storyline for iOS devices. Thanks!

Ganesh Ubhare

Hi Peter and Justine.

We too are interested in converting storyline courses for smartphone delivery.  We know that storyline courses will play on Ipad and Android tables devices but we want to output to Smartphones. Is there any resource or guidance provided on how to build courses in Storyline for outputting to Smartphones?

Any advise, help will be much appreciated.



Peter Anderson

Hi Ganesh, 

For mobile devices that support Flash (Android devices), you only need to publish your content for Web. Then upload the published content to a Web server, and view the content in your mobile browser as you would from a desktop or laptop computer.

To view Storyline content on an iPhone, include HTML5 output when publishing, and launch the course in mobile Safari. This article has more information on that.

If you'd like to see official support for a particular mobile device, please submit a feature request to our product development team for review. 
Jamie Morgan

From a design perspective, you just need to keep in mind that smartphones have a much smaller screen than tablets or desktops so it's going to be very difficult to have one course designed for all 3 (smartphone, tablet, & desktop). If you're currently designing for a tablet and/or desktop - then you may want to consider another design that limits heavy graphic use and other things that will be much harder to view and download on a smartphone.

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