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Bill Dane

Thanks, Maria. But when theses posts go unanswered, especially when staff say "we are in testing in Windows 11 right now!" We generally assume/expect that you'll follow up and keep the users in the loop.

There are tons of other examples where we only hear crickets. I.E., 64-bit storyline, the option to remove the Start page in Rise, etc.

Garry Whitaker

I've just gone over to Windows 11 on a new laptop with 16Gb RAM and 476 Gb Storage and Storyline 360 has been very unstable.  It will crash 6 to 10 times a day and there is no particular trigger for it.  I save my work often but sometimes I can't save because of low memory warnings.  Sometimes Storyline will just vanish off the screen with no warning and no apparent reason.  Other times I'll get a big red cross on a white background in the stage and have to go to Task Manager to shut it down.  Sometimes the work is recoverable, but most often it is lost.  Updating Storyline hasn't helped.

Before this hardware software upgrade I would only have random crashes perhaps once a week although Storyline always, always, always crashes when trying to select the Objects or Window options in the Trigger Wizard, but that has been an issue for many years so I don't bother anymore.

From my experience, I frankly wish I had not upgraded to Windows 11.