windows 8.1 preview broke Storyline, serial missing

Oct 08, 2013

Team, Updated my laptop from Windows 8 to 8.1 Preview. When going to open a .story file, I got an error popup when Storyline opened (generic error that isn't using real words). Once I closed the dialog box, Storyline told me my trial had expired which is bogus. I had a valid serial entered before. Tried to enter it again, got an error saying it was invalid. Right now, trying to reinstall Windows then going to reinstall Storyline with the same serial. If I am told my serial is invalid again, is there a way for a Support Rep to ensure the serial is freed up so it can be re-used? Frustrated, Stephen

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steven,

I made the mista...decision to upgrade here recently as well. Upon my first launch of Storyline (from the taskbar, not the Start screen), I received the same error. After launching it one time from the Start page as an admin, and activating, the errors stopped. 

Are you launching from the Start page each time? If so, see if adding a shortcut to the desktop or task bar makes a difference. If you're launching every time from the Start screen out of preference, it might be best to run it as an admin each time.

Let us know how it goes! :)

Steven Clay

Hi Christine

When I open Storyline from either the desktop or the start screen or the task bar I get the UI_Admin etc fault .

If I open from the Start screen or desktop using administrator rights it opens after activating the software.

It worked fine before the 8.1 windows upgrade.

It is just a pain if I don't remember to open as a administrator

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