Wonky Preview showing player button at the top

Aug 04, 2015

Has anyone encountered this issue? When I preview a scene, some of the player nav buttons show at the top left of the screen (it also shows the seekbar sitting within the prev button if enabled). It looks fine when I preview a single page and it is fine when I publish so I am not overly concerned but I am curious if anyone knows the cause.

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Parashuram Vhaval

Just wanted to be subscribed to this thread. 

This is quite strange issue I never experienced it. Have you checked this with different player?I mean issue could be in player file if you reset player to default, I guess your problem will be solved. Problem is you'll need to recolor/adjust your player again. 

This is just a guess though. 

Nancy Woinoski

@Parashuram, I have not checked with a different player but you are probably right that the it got corrupted somehow. The project was started in Storyline 1 and the file has been passed around to a few different designers. I will try resetting the player as you suggested.


@Leslie, I do have a story file but will need to share privately. Is there someplace I can sent it without having to file a support ticket? 

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