Word Output Problem

Jun 18, 2012

I have tried to publish as a Word document several times and each time I get an error saying that Articulate Storyline has encountered a problem and needs to close. Has anyone else experienced this?

I was able to publish to a Word document a few weeks ago but for some reason it creates the error above every time I try now.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Jamie!

Is it only when publishing to Word that you're getting the error, or any time you publish to any format? Would you mind submitting a case, and during the submission, please try and record a screencast of the steps you're taking to replicate the issue. Thanks a lot, and someone will contact you shortly. 

Jamie Morgan

Yes, it is only when publishing to Word and the error is intermittent. I tried publishing this file to Word three times yesterday and all 3 times I got the error. However, I attempted to publish the same file to Word this morning & it worked just fine. If the error happens again, I'll submit a case.