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Walt Hamilton

I don't see it as a work around. To me, it is good design practice to extend the built-in activities to match your needs. Work arounds ARE solutions.

You posted "<!DOCTYPE html>"  Does that mean you want to create an HTML document in Word, import it into SL, and have it be your project? What do you want to start with, what do you want to do to it, and what do you want it to be when you are done?   Better defined questions produce better answers.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Tom, 

You can't import Word files directly into Storyline 360, but the copy paste features will work. You can use this feature to transfer your Word content into Storyline 360 by batches. You'll have to consider the formatting of your course in advance because the page layout of Microsoft Word isn't similar to the slide layout of Storyline 360.