Workaround for disabled Next button state

Jul 08, 2016

I've created multiple courses in Storyline 2 using the disabled state for the Next button to restrict the learner from clicking through the course. So far it's been working great. Recently a particularly crafty individual figured out a way to bypass this feature. Is it possible to close this loophole in future builds of Storyline? 

I didn't want to post the actual workaround in an open forum so you'll have to contact me directly and I can let you know how they did it.. 

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Nancy Woinoski

Well, I can think of two ways to bypass a disabled next button depending on how you have configured Storyline.

1. If you are using the player menu, users will be able to open the menu and select the last slide in the menu effectively bypassing the course. To get around this you have to set the menu to settings to either restricted or locked. This will ensure the learner has to wait until the timeline on the slide ends before proceeding to the next slide.

2. If you have set up a trigger to change the state of the next button to normal when the timeline ends AND you have the seekbar enabled - you will have to change the seekbar to read only; otherwise, the learner will be able to drag the seekbar  to the end of the timeline which will enable the next button.

If your learners have come up with another way - then I am intrigued.



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