Workarounds to Running Out of Space in Suspend_Data

Nov 06, 2018

Looking to see if anyone has developed workarounds for the issue that Suspend_Data runs out of space (exceeds limits imposed by LMS).

Many of my clients are locked into SCORM 1.2 (4,096 characters) and are frustrated by need to split courses into smaller chunks to avoid exceeding this limit.

Considering work around of using custom JavaScript to implement separate bookmarking that doesn't depend on built in SCORM bookmarking, but running into problem that there is no way to navigate back to page left off without manually creating an ID for every page and then creating a giant list of triggers on the first page that determines which page to jump to when the course first loads (for courses with hundreds of pages this is a ton of work and easy to make a clerical error).

Has anyone tried this, or other approaches to solve this issue?

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