Workflow inquiry: retuning to tabs template base layer

Oct 02, 2015

I'm new to Storyline, and I'm trying to determine how to customize the tabs template.  At present, after a participant clicks one of the tabs, they can't get back to the "welcome" intro page.  If I try to create a trigger, I can choose to show the layers "tab 1", "tab 2", "tab 3", etc., but I can't choose "base layer".

Before I hack through a long, complicated attempt, can someone tell me if my hypothetical workflow sounds correct (or suggest a cleaner workflow):  I need to set up a "home button", which when clicked hides "tab 1", hides "tab 2", hides "tab 3", etc.



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Richard Karel

Hi Pierre, I'm trying to remember--each tab has a trigger that shows a layer that replaces the display of the base layer?  If this is the case, just add a button to the tab layers that has a trigger to hide "This layer".  That will return you to the base and keep track of selected states of your tabs (if you're using visited / selected states).

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