Working with Variables, States and Layers

Sep 27, 2014

Hi- I have a project where I would like the user to click on a drop down menu, which then opens a layer with menu choices. When the user selects a menu choice from the layer, I would like the layer to close and then a state change to occur on the main slide.

Here is an example of what I would like to happen (you can follow these steps with the attached file):

  • Select the Vegetable drop down on the main slide
  • The Vegetable layer opens
  • Choose Green Beans from the Vegetable drop down menu (which should prompt the greenbean variable to change from False to True)
  • Vegetable layer closes
  • State of "vegetable selection" on the main slide to change to green beans per greenbeans variable

I tried to set this up using variables but cannot get it to work. Would someone please have a look at how I have set it up and let me know what I am doing wrong? Am I doing something wrong with the layer? WIth the variables? Maybe I set up the state change incorrectly. Not sure.

I appreciate the help!

Thank you!


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