Would make my life 100x easier: Keep pasted objects in same loc'n

Sep 26, 2012

I wish I had a way of making it so that when I selected an object (like an illustrated character), chose copy, and then chose PASTE, that the newly pasted character would NOT be spaced downward and to the right but rather be in precisely the same spot.  That would make it so much easier for creating continuity in changing expressions, poses, etc, using the timeline.

I know that for novices that could create confusion to have the pasted item be right on top of the previous. For that reason, perhaps something like a special "paste in same location" command, or a control-key to hold when pasting, would provide that different behavior.

That way I could just copy a person, paste it 4 times, drag to a new time, change his face, and do that with the others -- I would suddenly have a quite animated guy with 20x less of the hassle.


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Melissa McDaniel

For anyone following this thread and still looking for a solution, I too was looking for a keyboard shortcut or setting and in researching different threads/links, I came across the "Keyboard Shortcuts in Storyline" article (storyline 360) where it lists Ctrl+Shift+D to Paste object in the same place as the original object. I tried and confirmed that it works! HTH

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