Will the next version of Articulate only be available if you have Internet access?

I just read the incredibly exciting possibilities that Articulate presents in their whitepaper about future product development, however there is one thing that distresses me about it. Please DO READ IT if you haven't.

In the paper, it discusses many important things such as the need to focus on HTML5 (which I think is incredibly smart) but there is the introduction of the next version of Articulate Storyline which is a web-based authoring tool.

Do I understand correctly that while I am commuting, if I have no or if I have intermittent Internet connectivity that I simply can't work? If I can't install this on Windows then I will spend a lot of time unable to work!

While I recognize that we are moving into a mobile-centric world, I can understand the assumption that we will all be Internet-connected, but seriously, I can think of many situations where having Internet while working isn't best or even possible. I honestly only need it to publish something, which can sometimes mean that I spend hours and hours on my commute working while not publishing only so that I can publish when I get to work or at home. And what if I need to close my distracting tabs on Facebook or Gmail so that I can solely focus on work and nothing but work?

Am I reading this wrong or is the next version of Articulate only going to work if I am on the Internet?

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Mohammad  Hassam

If you read this:  

We’re deep into development on a web-based authoring tool that makes it easy to create responsive web-based courses that include media-rich interactions, scrollable articles, quizzes, and embedded
web objects. These web-based courses run directly in modern web browsers without the need for a player.

Above statement is confusing tho, don't know if they are talking about existing tool or a new tool.

There’s no software to download, install, and manage. We’ll release this web-based Responsive authoring tool as soon as possible. 

I think they are talking about Storyline or Studio here. Well, let's hope that it should consider as a new authoring tool. Otherwise, it will be a big problem for all of us. 

Matthew Bibby

Articulate are not going to make Storyline totally web-based. Not a chance.

That would be like taking their business out the back, dousing it in petrol and setting it on fire. They aren't that silly.

What that document refers to, in my opinion, is a new web based authoring tool. You'll notice in the text Mohammad quoted above that the courses that are created in the web-based authoring tool run directly without the need for a player. Yet a lot of that article discusses the new responsive player that is being rolled out for Storyline...

Take a deep breath... Everything is going to be okay :)

Joseph Conrad

Thanks for confirming that it's a web-based tool but are you also confirming that it's a tool I can only use if I am connected to the Internet?

I've been making and hosting WordPress sites for quite a while and find the need to be online to be a major hinderance and thankfully I can work offline using XAMPP if I prefer to do so (and it speeds up development time a great deal), but this is only because I can self-host WordPress on my computer.

This tool seems a lot like Articulate Online where I can't access the software so that means I can't use it offline and I am saying that I would be really unhappy if there are features unavailable to me in this new tool that I can't use in Storyline. Can you confirm that Nicola? Are there features in this web-based tool that will not be accessible in a Windows-based install of Storyline?