XLF files from Storyline not working in Translation tool

Dec 13, 2021


when I export a rise course to XLF and it goes into the Translation tool no issues. It only detects the text that needs to be translated.

However,  I now have a course in Storyline 36 than needs translation and when I export it to XLF and import it in to the tool, even the html code gets detected and looks to be translated adding more translation required according to the tool. Is there something different about the XLF file from Storyline?


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Darren!

I haven't come across this issue before. Which translation tool are you using? Also, have you tried exporting another Storyline 360 course and come across a similar issue in that translation tool?

I'd recommend connecting with our Support Engineers as they can work with your directly to troubleshoot this issue. You can reach their team by submitting a support case.