Nov 02, 2012

I have read through all posts I can find on the dreaded yellow box.  I'm running 1208.1316 and I am still getting that dad gum yellow box that switches objects depending on what I do.

I have two tab triggers in my scene (which is part of a major project).  The first tab is strictly a trigger based on tab key being issues...the second tab is after text is entered in a data entry field.  I can't change the tab sequence as these are a piece of education material.

I have tried turning off the accessibility tools for EVERYTHING in my help.  I have tried adding a shape off to the side and bringing it to the front in every slide layer (this slide has 4 layers and the issue appears on the last layer)....still no good....

I am about to delete the layer in this slide and push the code to a new slide...I hate to do it for anal retentive organizational reasons, but if that's the only way to get rid of it, I'll do it.


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Geert De Rycke

Hi Lisa,

The yellow b

oxes you describe are the 508 compliance boxes(
When visual impaired people use a storyline presentation and they hover over such a field with a yellow box, a reader can read out loud what is defined in the alternative text box.

You can find this in the size/position of your field/text/image…under the option Alt text.

You can disable the yellow boxes by un-ticking the object is visible to accessibility tools

Hope it helps


Pascale Sauvé


I have been scanning through all the posts about how to easily disable the yellow boxes due to compliance while tabbing through the slide. I've tried all the tips, including adding and object off slide, but without results. I don't have different states in my objects, so it isn't related to that.

My problem is that I have done screen recordings in a system where the user can navigate in different ways (Tab key, mouse clicks, Enter key...). I want to replicate as much as possible the behavior of the real program. I had to delete the freeform for the text entries to do so, it got in conflict with the alternate path and let the learner go forward in the slides without entering any data in the text fields. Instead, I added manual triggers to validate the data the learners have to enter.

I disabled all the boxes in my slide with the Size and position menu (Alt Text) and my slide's first trigger is Jump to next slide when user presses Tab key. Still, when I test my text entry, I have to press Tab 3 times to jump to next slide while the yellow box is showing on Menu and Help in the player...

I have 14 simulations in my course and issues with this compliance box with most of them! It's very annoying.

I hope someone can help me! And fast...


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pascale and welcome to Heroes! 

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty you're having with your course, but you won't be able to disable the "Tab" functionality for player tabs as they don't include the Size position menu as objects on the slide do. You could look at customizing the player for those slides and remove the menu, help tab, etc. so that they wouldn't be accessible to the user during that section. 

You'll want to review this tutorial on customizing the individual slide properties and setting up custom player options per slide:

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