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Jun 03, 2012

Dear heroes !

I'm using videos in my project so I embed them using the code from YouTube.

I was surprised to see that once embedded, the videos don't show the youtube player. It's a problem for me because we added subtitles to the videos and they don't display once the video is embedded. It could be changed by clicking on the button in the YouTube player but since It won't display...

Anyone else has met that problem ? Is there a way to embed the video AND the player ? How



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Brian Batt

Hi Fabrice,

When you add a Youtube video to a Storyline project, you lose the Youtube video player.  Thus, options like CC and full screen aren't available.  You can workaround this by adding your video as a web object.  See the screencast below that mentions Presenter '09:

For information on web objects in Storyline, see the link below:

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