YouTube Videos allowing advance next slide trigger

Jun 14, 2013

Happy Friday, Heroes!

Does anyone know what it is about YouTube videos that allow them to be recognized in triggers? Just in case a visual is helpful, see below. For example, I REALLY need to insert a video from a website and have the slide automatically go to the next slide when the media completes. However, when using the Insert video - Video from website, Storyline will only recognize the media as an actionable object when it's YouTube.

I know this works with YouTube videos. However, it doesn't work with other embedded videos. But, if I knew what made YouTube different, I could try to venture down the path of making it work with another service that we use. Hopefully when the SDK comes out, this will help resolve this as well. However, if someone knows anything about this, I would truly be grateful!

Keepin' the joy,


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