Zoom PIcture and Flash

Jul 06, 2020


Hi all, 

Is the Zoom Picture feature not optimized for HTML5? (Insert picture>Format>Size and Position>Zoom Picture)

It functions as expected in Internet Explorer, but not in Edge or Chrome.  (Button does nothing). I made sure the picture was the topmost layer.

Launching via LMS, Storyline 3

Thank you

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Katie Riggio

Hello Madison,

I'm happy to dig in! I added a Zoom Picture to a sample PNG image using Storyline 3 Update 10 and then published it for LMS (HTML5 only).

I viewed the slide in Chrome 83 and Edge 83, where the zoom icon works smoothly. I'll need your help!

  • What update of Storyline 3 are you using? Click on the Help tab, then About Storyline.
  • Tell me more about your image files. What format are they? 
  • How does the feature work when you try my output?
Madison Bales

Hi Katie, 

SL3 update 9: 3.9.21069.0

The images are jpeg

I received this error when attempting to access your output: The course you are trying to launch is not currently available. Contact the person who invited you for more details.

The issue resolved once I updated the software, thanks for the reminder!

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