Zoom Region quality

Jan 19, 2021

Hey guys,


I have tried and searched for hours to fix this problem. I also tried every single solution from the other discussions. Nothing works for me.

Problem: when zooming in my picture, it gets pixelated and blurry. Since its a Screenshot from a application, the picture itself does have a very good resolution. Also when zooming in manually on the (without zoom in) in the Storyline slides, it works. Are there any new solutions or fixes for that?


What I have tried so far:
- insert high resolution picture->drag it out of the content box->copy->fit/shrink/place image in content box

- "slice the picture" in photoshop and import

- jpg instead of png


below you can find the picture and which region I want to zoom in

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Lauren Connelly

Hello lucas!

Thank you for sharing those screenshots! The quality does look different between the two. It would be helpful to look at the .story file to see the snag in action. 

If you'd like to share the file in this public discussion, you can use the Add Attachment button. If you'd rather share the file with our team privately, here's a secure upload link. We'll reply with our findings as soon as possible!