Zoom Picture not Working Storyline 360

Mar 17, 2020

I just ran into this issue. When I replaced a picture on layer Inspect that had zoom picture, even though I reapplied the zoom picture it does not work when I preview the slide.

The previous version still works on layer IDBack, but not this layer.

See the attached slide example. I can do a work around but would prefer to have it work this way. Thank you.

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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Jeffrey! 

Thanks for sharing your setup and experience with us. I saw the same behavior on the first license photo when previewing the 'Inspect' layer in Storyline 360.

The Zoom option will appear during preview and after publish only after an image is resized to be smaller than the size at which it was initially inserted. It looks like the original 318x210 image was added and not resized, which disabled that option.

From there, I resized the troublesome photo > reinserted it back into the project > added the Zoom Picture function. 

Check out this short video to see the troubleshooting, and the modified file is attached below. Let me know how it works on your end!

Jeffrey Riley

Katie, thanks for the reply and the information.

Interestingly enough, I may have done this accidentally as I worked with the file because it works for me now. I note that the other examples I created are working now as well.

At least, if the others have problems I now know the solution. Thanks Katie.

Teresa Vanderpost

Can anyone test if the zoom picture feature is working for them on a new image since last update?  Any images I have in my module prior to last update they still work, but not after last update, I insert a zoom picture option, but it doesn't seem to apply to my image.  Not sure if I am missing something.

I can see the zoom picture on my images in the preview mode for earlier images but not on new.

Walt Hamilton

The zoom picture function only zooms an image up to its original size. It only works if you insert an image and resize it smaller. Since your image is still its original size, there is no larger size to zoom to. If you resize it smaller, it zooms.

You can either enlarge the image in image editing software, bring it in in a larger size, and shrink it to fit the slide. Or you can try something like the sample, although it does get a little bit fuzzy.

Teresa Vanderpost

@Walt, thank you so much.  How did I not know that LOL!  I guess I have always shrunk them.  I like your idea, but I do see how a little fuzzy.  But may try the concept.  I like the learner to  be able to see a larger version.

Thank you for taking the time to show me an alternative.